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Switzerland – A lawful state ?    Switzerland – So called «democracy»?.

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Bluewin Ltd, ISP, and Switzerland’s State phone provider.

Swisscom Ltd – They are censorship providers:

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Switzerland’s largest Daily News BLICK

More… Heise online, Germany.

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More… Switzerland Judge's statement .

And they are infamous Sex & Porno providers:

     Warning: This link [online to Bluewin Ltd] contain Porno materials!    Saved page – here


Scandalous, they provide their pages to your childrens:



                           [Extract from www.swisscom.com]

                                 [Extract from www.swisscom.com]


 Do you invest and help

 with your money to

 such company ?


Do you work for such

company and help them

by your job?


Warning:Porno materials



                                    [Extract from www.swisscom.com]

Do you finance such company as their ISP-customer, as their E-Mail account holder or as their Website-client?  Really?


                                      [Extract from www.swisscom.com]

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Links: Google |  c’t  | Google2 | Gilc


• Switzerland’s full e-mail monitoring – Tourists beware !.

• They spy on their own citizens – The responsibles….

• Swiss MP Bruno Frick uncover the scandal.

• More… .



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